Lenovo ThinkReality VRX

Affordable VR Headset – Lenovo’s ThinkReality VRX

The ThinkReality VRX virtual reality headset from Lenovo will be available for purchase soon. This virtual reality headset is designed for enterprise users. The ThinkReality VRX headset is powered by…

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apple vision pro headset

Apple announces Vision Pro – New Mixed Reality Headset

Apple has recently announced it’s first mixed-reality headset called “Vision Pro”. This Apple Vision Pro headset seamlessly integrates digital information with the physical world, providing an immersive and interactive experience…

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Apple Watch X Model will have a New Design, Magnetic Band System

Apple Watch X will be a completely redesigned version of the company’s popular smartwatch. Similar to the iPhone X which was launched in time for its tenth anniversary; the Apple…

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Mental Health Disorders Tracked With Data From Wearables With Fitness Tracking

Mental health doctors in the US have been investigating the role of wearables fitness devices like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Google Watch and others in finding methods to diagnose mental health…

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