Apple Watch X Model will have a New Design, Magnetic Band System

Apple Watch X will be a completely redesigned version of the company’s popular smartwatch. Similar to the iPhone X which was launched in time for its tenth anniversary; the Apple Watch X could be launched next year. One major change would be swapping the existing locking mechanism with bands that have a magnetic attachment system.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the latest edition of his Power One newsletter called the new version of Apple Watch as Apple Watch X. Gurman stated that this version (Apple Watch X) of the Apple watch will sport a slimmer chassis and a magnetic mechanism for the bands. A source released that Apple would launch a smartwatch in 2023 with the watchOS 10 upgrade.

Currently, all the Apple Watch series use a press-to-release locking mechanism. This means the older watch bands won’t be compatible with Apple Watch X. Although one advantage would be the spacing savings could be used for a larger battery or other internal upgrades.

Gurman has previously reported that Apple has been working on adding support for MicroLED technology to its smartwatches for several months, but the company is yet to unveil such a device. Gurman suggests that the Apple Watch X might be the first smartwatch from the company to feature these advanced screens. Another feature that is rumoured to be in development for a while now — blood pressure monitoring — could make its way to Apple’s next-generation smartwatch.

Apple is expected to unveil their Apple Watch Series 9 and iPhone 15 series smartphones this year.

Gurman stated that Apple Watch X could be released in 2024 or 2025 which would be the watch would be launched in 2024 in time for it’s 10th anniversary and go on sale in 2025.

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