Apple announces Vision Pro – New Mixed Reality Headset

apple vision pro headset

Apple has recently announced it’s first mixed-reality headset called “Vision Pro”. This Apple Vision Pro headset seamlessly integrates digital information with the physical world, providing an immersive and interactive experience like never before. Though this Apple headset is positioned as an Augment Reality device (AR device), it has the capability to switch between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality easily via a dial.

The Vision Pro headsets uses the wearer’s eyes and hand to navigate the AR interface, there are no controllers. The user can scroll between rows of icons by looking at them and using actions like tap to select an app and flick to scroll. The Apple Vision Pro supports voice commands from Siri and all other Bluetooth accessories that help you access the content from your Mac.

The Apple Vison Pro has a new system call “Eyesight” that can display your eyes to the outsider. In the full Virtual Reality mode, the Vision Pro will display a glow on the headset’s screen indicating to the surroundings that the user can’t see the surroundings. The Vision Pro can display the real world in full color and project 3D objects in the real world.

Apple Vision Pro headset lets you use iOS applications, play games and watch any streaming content in a panoramic set-up offering a very immersive viewing and spatial audio.

Apple Vision Pro offers many real world apps and also features to view Apple TV via these headsets giving you almost a personal IMAX experience.

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