Elon Musk Angers San Francisco Over Giant X Office Logo and Removal of Twitter Logo

A giant, glowing X marks the San Francisco spot where the messaging platform X will be located. The San Francisco city officials and most of the residents are extremely unhappy with the display of this glowing X logo.

On Friday, Elon Musk’s company erected an “X” logo on the roof of it’s Market Street headquarters. This was met with anger and complaints from residents in the neighborhood who complained about the intrusive lights from the sign. The San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection which said it will be investigation this matter to confirm if this sign was legally installed.

Elon Musk has recently stated that the newly named company “X” would remain in San Francisco despite the city’s recent “doom spiral, with one company after another left or leaving.”

Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla, moved the company’s headquarters from California to Texas in 2021. Some sources stated that keeping the X in San Francisco would help the city with tourism & business which haven’t recovered since the pandemic.

The downtown region has been struggling with a number of job cuts in the tech sector, departure of retailers and the reduction in tourism. Foot traffic has reduced drastically due to working and hybrid work culture resulting in increase crime and homelessness – all of which is negatively affecting the city’s image.

“Beautiful San Francisco, though others forsake you, we will always be your friend,” Musk wrote.

Not all San Franciscans are keen about this new “X” sign and it’s location. Locals have recorded videos criticizing the giant X sign for its intrusive lights – glowing, strobing & pulsing all through the night.

X user @itsmefrenchy123 said they would be “LIVID” over the bright logo, imagining it “right across from your bedroom.”

An investigation into the structure has been opened by San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection, to check if installing the sign hasn’t violated any of the city rules and all permits were acquired by the company for it.

A BID inspector stated that their officials tried to get access to inspect the sign but the company representatives denied them access to the roof twice. One of the company representative also stated that the sign was temporary. An official statement is yet to be released.

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